Frequently asked questions

Where does the data comes from?

Our service collects data from Google Analytics real-time API.

How can your service can help us? was developed as an internal project when we found ourselves checking the GA real-time tab too often. Depending on the website, we were looking for different metrics: active users, events caused by file uploads, downloads, or errors.
I have a new site without traffic. What kind of observers and alerts would you recommend I use?
For low traffic websites, often the most interesting moment is when you get more users; it could be the results of an ad campaign, press release, or social media engagement. At that moment, responsive servers and quick page loads are most important. We recommend to observe active users via the following three alerts:
  • If active users are greater than 5
  • If active users are greater than 10
  • If active users are greater than 50
to be notified as traffic changes.
What are Google Analytics events and how can I use them?
Use Google Analytics events to record an action on your website.
How to track error rates with ?
My favorite recipe is to put error events on your website error pages (i.e., 500.html, 404.html ), per the following screen capture: Monitor erros in Google Analytics
How is is different than Intelligence Events in Google Analytics?
With “Intelligence Events” you can receive alerts based on statistics gathered during a day, week or month. Alternately, checks real-time metrics at least every 15 minutes. is for webmasters and developers who need real-time alerts of their own design.
Can I share my metrics without giving access to my Google Analytics account?
Yes, our new feature called Share View allows you to share 24 hours of data statistics with anyone who has a link (which includes the cryptographic key). This is perfect if you want to send stats to your advertisers or partners as evidence of confirmed traffic.